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Elevate comfort, safety & style with LLumar Window Film

Solar-X  has proudly served the people of Volusia and Flagler counties with more than 45,000 installations since 1973. Started by Howard Smith Sr, now run by Howard Smith Jr, we specialize in residential, commercial, and decorative tinting.

 Our high-performance window films help:

  • Eliminate 99.9% of U.V rays which aid in fading beautiful fabrics and delicate artworks 

  • Reduce eye fatigue-causing glare up to 87%

  • Greatly Improve insulation quality, drastically reducing heating and cooling costs 

  • Add glass protection to improve security in case of break-ins or storms

  • Add privacy and style to any area

Home Window Tinting

LLumar house window tinting puts the sun in its place to give you back those rooms to enjoy when you want. 

Safety Films

Powerful adhesives and scratch-resistant coatings. These films offer peace of mind against storms, forced entry, and other disasters. 

Business Window Tinting

Increase tenant comfort and save energy with these high-performing commercial window films. High quality you can count on. 

Solar Films

Address excessive heat and increase energy efficiency. Reduce glare and eliminate fading, all while providing a unified exterior look.

School Safety

When it comes to our schools, security matters. Delaying forced-entry and adding privacy can buy precious time when needed most.

Decorative Window Tinting

Add style to any room with customized looks. Experiment with color, opacity, scale, and texture to create one-of-a-kind treatments.

“Improve your world view with Vista™ by LLumar Window Film”

  What is a LLumar Select Pro Dealer?​


Hand-picked by LLumar themselves, LLumar Select Pro dealers are ​skillfully trained in providing the quality of care you would expect from only the best in the business. Extensive training and years of experience are the only qualifiers for this elite group of individuals.

   What is the Vista product line?

LLumar offers two products for commercial – residential film ​applications: LLumar and Vista. LLumar dealers have access to the LLumar brand while LLumar Select Pro Dealers have access to both LLumar and Vista films.

– Quality where it matters most.

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