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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the window film go on the interior or exterior of my windows?

Depending on the situation, there are interior AND exterior films available.


Will the window film bubble and peel over time?

LLumar’s residential films come with a LIFETIME MATERIAL AND LABOR WARRANTY. Commercial 10-15 years.


Will window film make my house dark like a cave?

Only if that is the goal. LLumar has an extensive product line ranging from VERY DARK to VIRTUALLY CLEAR and plenty in-between.


Will window film help stop fading of my home?

LLumar’s complete product line comes straight from the factory with 99.9 % UV protection. One of the leading causes of fading.

Will I have to clean my windows first, before I have film installed on my house?

No. Our installers are professionally-trained and well-experienced in the art of glass cleaning.

How is window film priced?

The cost is based on square footage of glass area, type of film chosen, and other factors such as: age of glass, frame type, accessibility, and ladder/scaffolding work.


Can window film be installed on themopane/double-pane/insulating glass units?

Yes. LLumar provides many films applicable with double pane windows under the Vista product line. Rest assured that our professional team will help determine what type of glass and suggest which film to use, so you don’t have to worry.


Will I save money on my electric bill?

Estimated pay-back on window film is 36-48 months. Solar-X has completed over 6,000 jobs where the customer received a cash rebate from Florida Power & Light. LLumar is also recognized by some of the industry’s most respected energy organizations such as Energy Star and The National Association of Energy Companies.


Can window film be removed for any reason?

Yes. Our installers have the tools and know-how to remove the film without damage to the glass.


I’ve been told the film has bubbles at first. Is this true?

Yes. The window film is installed with soap and water that could linger for up to forty days depending on the amount of exposure to the sun.


What is Hurricane film?

“Hurricane film” also known as Safety and Security Film is THICKER AND STRONGER than normal film. It’s used in situations such as: deterring theft, strengthening existing glass, and bringing glass to code.


How long will my window film last?

Film could last a lifetime, but is also back by a leading manufacture’s warranty.


How do I pay?

Solar-X accepts all major credit cards, cash, or checks.

How soon can I clean my windows after the film is installed?

After ten days the film has adhered enough for cleaning.


Why should I not just buy the film at my local hardware store?

The answers are many: No warranty. Almost impossible to install properly. Film is lowest in quality and longevity. Cannot return if used. Solar-X offers one of the markets leading brands of window film with a quality installation backed by a lifetime warranty.


Can film be installed on ‘plexiglas” or “polycarbonate” windows?

The windows must be inspected first to ensure longevity of the installation.


Can the film reduce glare on my T.V. screen?

Yes. LLumar offers great glare reducing films. Solar-X receives weekly calls for the sole purpose of reducing glare on T.V. screens.


What can I clean my window film with?

Most household cleaners will work: Soap and water. Vinegar and water. NO AMMONIA.