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School Safety & Security Window Film

school window tinting job done in flagler county

Flagler County School System

Plan. Prepare. Protect

Now more than ever, it’s important to safeguard school building glass to help protect students, teachers, and staff. There have been more than 300 school shootings since 2013; about once a week on average, and this has made heightened security a key priority for educators, parents, and government officials. 

Safety and security films fortify entryway, first-floor and other vulnerable building glass, helping to thwart intruders and other potential harm. Choose the right safety solution for your school, from our selection of films that offer a variety of features that helps shield and defend.

Slows intruder entry

Safety films slow down intruder’s entry, buying precious time for action. It can make all the difference for faculty and students to contact the authorities and get to a safe place.


slow down intruders and increase safety and security with safety films

Added Structural Strength 

Broken glass Protection

Help protect students and educators from broken glass hazards. Broken glass also has the potential to be a health hazard if it is contaminated with toxic chemicals, blood, or infectious substances which may enter the body through a cut or puncture. 

You already have enough on your plate. Getting Safety Film installed helps you stay focused on helping nurture our youth by preventing and reducing one more of the million things you have to take care around the school.


broken glass protection from hurricanes and break-ins with safety films tints

Reduce Injury From Shattered Glass

Smash-And-Grab Protection

Help thwart smash-and-grab burglaries and other intrusions with the added strength of safety window films. A cost efficient way to not only increase the energy performance of any school but also increase the building’s security and safety.


smash and grab break-in protection. Increase your school safety and child security

Extra Window Strength 

Cost Effective Solution

Costs less than replacing standard glass with laminated glass. So you can put those savings into improving the school in other areas and continue to have a better school year, every year. A quicker and more cost effective solution. 


benefits of commercial window tinting

But what’s more, is that you can enjoy all these benefits right now. Safety films can be used for existing doors, windows, and other building glass!

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The Flagler County School System chose to upgrade their existing glass using Safety & Security Window Film adding defense, privacy, and lowering cooling costs.

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