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Safety Film Window Tinting: Improve Building’s Safety and Security 

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Glass provides countless options for creating inviting and useful work and living spaces, but it can also expose you to great risk. Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of any structure’s envelope. Providing easy points of entry for vandals and thieves, windows become dangerous shards when broken.

Keep an eye on security without losing sight of your design or budget with safety film. It helps provide reliable, affordable protection for a variety of applications, including commercial, residential, schools, and government facilities. It is also ideal for unique applications such as spider glass walls, display cases, balcony closures, and shower doors.

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An invisible shield of protection



Safety tinting can offer 24/7 protection from broken glass caused by accidents, vandalism, and Mother Nature. When ordinary annealed glass breaks, it poses a considerable danger. The shattered pieces become daggers that can cause serious injury. Engineered with powerful adhesives, safety tinting can help reduce the hazard of broken glass by helping keep the pieces together during breakage.

Wind-borne debris

Safety film is a transparent but powerful barrier that maintains the window’s weather seal to help protect structures from high-winds and rain that can destroy inside contents.

Forced entry

In addition to the lost merchandise, smash-and-grab theft can cost retailers thousands of dollars in damage to the windows and furnishings. Safety film helps deter forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate, encouraging would-be intruders to seek other targets. Unlike bars and grates, it doesn’t block product displays so you can help deter thieves without discouraging customers.

Bomb blast

When windows are shattered by an explosion, a significant amount of the damage, injuries, and deaths are caused by flying glass. By helping to hold shattered glass in place, safety film can help mitigate this damage.

Accidental breakage

When accidents or spontaneous breakage occur, shattered glass fragments pose a great risk of injury. Safety film helps hold glass fragments in place until they can be removed and replaced.

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Don’t sacrifice comfort and energy efficiency


Solar safety films have the added benefits of reducing energy costs. Available in neutral tones, these films moderately reduce heat and glare while shielding 99% of UV radiation, helping to reduce fading of valuables, fabrics, and furnishings.



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